Remember that money is social debt. The size of your bank account is a measure of how much society owes you for the value you’ve already contributed. If you think $10K is a large sum, it means you probably aren’t in a position to generate $10K of value for others very easily.
–Steve Pavlina

There exists really two primary mindsets – abundance – and scarcity. The abundance mentality, or abundance mindset, is a frame of mind in which a person believes there is “enough for everyone”.

The opposite is the scarcity mindset, which is founded on the idea that, given a finite amount of resources, a person must hoard their belongings and protect them from others.The abundance mindset is that there is an infinite supply of everything – the scarcity mindset is really that there is a very limited supply — and if you “get” something – I can’t get it and vice versa.

I’ve always had an abundance mindset – I’ve never hesitated to help anyone in this field to grow. But it recently came to my attention that one of my colleagues has a scarcity mindset.

This person actually approached one of the companies I am involved with and suggested that they would be a better fit than I would. Not knowing the relationship I have with that company, means this is a dumb move as they called me immediately to tell me.

The sad thing is – this person made themselves look petty because of their scarcity mentality. There was no need to put me down in order to pick themselves up — there is room for several people in this company. They could have been involved too – but instead they made themselves look bad — and turned the company’s interest level down.

In other words – they felt that in order to succeed themselves – I had to fail.

I call it going “Deep Sea Fishing for Water”. This can be a little deep (no pun intended) so bear with me….

It’s as if we chartered a boat and went out to sea, with the goal of collecting as much water as we could. When we get there – I start using a bucket to collect my water. You start using a tea cup.

Now ask yourself this — are you angry that I used a bucket? Do you feel as if I’m taking more than my “fair share” ?

If you are – that’s the scarcity mindset at work. Because the reality is — you can get a bucket too. It makes no difference how many buckets of water I take – you can take as many buckets for yourself as you want to – we’re not competing — and I’m not ‘robbing’ you of water.

Ask yourself if you have an abundance or scarcity mentality…