A mistake I see a lot of trainees (and coaches) make is not understanding the difference between training – which has a goal of creating an adaptation, an improvement – and DEMONSTRATION.

As a coach, I don’t need to see maximum speed, all sets taken to failure or max effort one rep max attempts in every training session to know that my athlete is improving. In fact, I often program sessions that are VERY sub max.

Early 2017 I was programming for one of my staff and he asked me why I was having him run so slow, when he could run faster. I told him that I knew he could run faster. I wasn’t asking for him to demonstrate that to me, we were seeking a training stimulus. Credit to him, he trusted the process and we hit our goal.

It’s not necessary to run flat out in order to get faster, or run till you drop to develop endurance. That’s not how physiology works.

Seek adaptation, not demonstration.