I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries from trainers right now about business coaching. I think probably because we just finished our last event so the “buzz” is definitely there from the attendees.

Honestly, though, it’s been a lot of “tire kickers” who are never going to invest in anything to solve their issues and get to a higher level of business.

But if that doesn’t describe you, I might be able to help.

As a reminder (bonus tip – never assume people know your background):

*I’ve been involved in training people for 30 years (started teaching Taekwon-Do in 1986)

*Have operated a gym for 17 years (And expanded 3 times) — BTW – 5 of those 17 years where when I was battling cancer and couldn’t be at the gym. Yet still the gym grew. So I’m not going to accept too many excuses as to why you “can’t” 🙂

*Have 22 staff working under me, and 300 members

*Work with over 80 gyms worldwide on their businesses

*Written/co-written 10 best selling fitness books, including 5 in the New Rules Of Lifting Series, and last years hit book STRONG!

* Former columnist/contributor to Mens Health, Mens Fitness, T-Nation and too many other publications to mention.

*Consultant to Nike

*Presenter on the MF Athletic/Perform Better tour for over 10 years.

*Currently invest $80K per year into my own education to stay at the front of my field.

If that sounds like I might be able to help you with your fitness business, and you’d like to work with me directly, and you’re serious and prepared to do the work – then fill out this application and we’ll set up a phone call and see if you’re a good fit.