To be honest – most of my business guidance for trainers starts with changing mindset and looking at things differently. In early to mid 2017 we will be running a one-day “personal trainer success” seminar, where I’ll reveal several business success methods and practices.

But the first session will be about mindset shifts — it’s that important.

Let’s set the scene: You are a personal trainer. You currently train 25 one-on-one sessions per week at a very low $25 per session. You  do a phone consultation or a series of consults with me. We could cover program design, how to implement a session, billing practices, switching to semi-private training and critical mistakes to avoid.

As a result – you implement 2-3 changes to your business. You are now able to improve your skills and business practices enough that you are able to generate just two extra dollars ($2) per session and pick up ONE more client session per week.

That’s $50 more from your current training and another $27 from the extra session per week. That’s $77 extra dollars per week.

Within 6 months – you will have generated $2002 in extra income.

Within a year, $4004.00

So that phone call alone will make you over $4000 return in only a year- never mind the possibilities 2-3 years into the future.
And consider this – what if you picked up two clients? Or four?

Or your results got so much better that because of demand you were able to add just one single client doing just one single session per week to your business every single month.
That’s 12 clients in a year. 12 extra sessions per week.
Your weekly income inside of a year will have leapt from $625 per week, to $999 per week.
You took the knowledge gained from a consultation, applied it, and translated it into an extra $526 per week. An extra $27,000 per year.

How much should the phone call “cost” then based on that type of return?
It’s easy to see that it “costs” nothing. It’s an investment. An investment with a great return.
Going back to the low numbers for a second ($2 extra per session, one more client) – is $2000 a fair investment for a 100% return inside a year?
There isn’t a stock or mutual fund that would give you such a good return in that time frame.
Even a $3000 investment is a great deal – 33% return in 12 months.
How many times would you invest $2000 if you always got $4000 within a year? Or $2500? Or even $3500? You’d never stop.

It’s easy to see how this works.
That’s how I’ve thought about seminars/books/products my whole life. That’s how you need to think.

It’s a mindset that most fitness professionals lack though.

Make that shift – from an educational purchase being an expense – to it being an investment, that you will make a return on and your business will grow by leaps and bounds.

If you “get” this success is inevitable.