I did this mini-and-completely-unscientific survey on my facebook page a little while ago.

Which is a better motivator for you?

1) A time-based goal e.g. a six week fat loss program – lose as much fat as possible in 6 weeks, improve your chin-up ability as much as possible in a month –


2) an outcome based goal e.g. lose 10lbs – be able to do ten chin-ups – in other words a specific target -regardless of how long it takes

The results of those who responded were 50-50. Some were driven to dedicate a period of time and improve as much as possible – others were more driven to seek out a very specific outcome and pursue that – regardless of how long (or short) a time it would take.

What about you? If you’re a trainer or gym owner – understand that your clients my be motivated in completely different ways. It may require different promotions, different memberships and even different dialogue when you’re coaching them.

Just something to think about.