One mistake we see many trainers making is trying to be the “Jack” of all trades. We talk about this on strategy number 9 in our book, 55 Fitness Business Strategies for Success.

There are so many different opportunities instead of choosing one and being the best at it….

….many trainers end up doing Boot Camps, In Home Training, working out of at least 1-2 gyms, working with general population, working with athletic teams, going after the rehab population, do fat loss with most of their clients, but also do speed training and doing nutrition consultations trying to be everything to everybody.

Many of these same trainers are going in so many different directions it is hard to ever be great at any one thing. Many of them are “good” but it is the concept in the book, Good to Great by Jim Collins. Being good at many things is the enemy of ever becoming Great at anything.

Choose one road and be the best at that path, learn everything there is to learn and carve a niche for yourself and then you will set yourself apart. Two of the core values for Richard Branson and the Virgin organization is that if they are going to do a project, it must be innovative, and it must be challenging to existing alternatives.
One of our philosophies at Results Fitness is that we won’t do something unless we can do it better than anyone else. We didn’t offer group classes for several years because we didn’t feel we could “change the way fitness is done”. Fast forward to 2012 and gyms around the world are studying our group training model.

Action steps:

*What do you want to be known for?
* What do you want to have TOMA for? TOMA stands for Top of Mind Awareness.
* Decide what you want to be legendary at and go after it.
* Eliminate anything else and get laserbeam focused.