If you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ve probably read all the articles on my site, and a bunch of my articles, and a bunch of articles by my colleagues on other sites and magazines.

Therefore it’s likely that you already have ALL the knowledge you need to achieve anything in your training.

You KNOW how to get bigger. You KNOW how to get leaner. You KNOW how to get stronger.

It’s not a lack of knowledge for most people — it’s a lack of application.

As you may have noticed, I’ve become tired of writing training programs and prefer to write about concepts or mindset shifts these days. I think people know what to do, but just aren’t doing it.

e.g. for getting lean: Did you train today? Did you do something that will elevate your metabolism? Did you eat supportively? Post workout shake? 5 meals? Protein at every meal? EFA’s?

Stop trying to figure out a better plan if you aren’t already doing all of the above.

A lot of the time it’s an application of knowledge that is the missing link – not a lack of knowledge per se.

Think about this: One trainer recommends 8 x 3 for squats. Another trainer recommends 3 x 10 for squats. Trainer one prefers total body training three times per week. Trainer two prefers body part splits with each “part” getting hit twice a week.

The average person gets “frozen” as they don’t know what to do now as the advice is the complete opposite.

The educated person realizes that in order to succeed, based on both coaches experiences – you have to squat, you need about 24-30 reps of squats, and you need to train the whole body around 2-3 times per week. So they just get started and make sure that they hit those variables.

The good stuff is in the similarities. So keep studying – but focus on taking action not on formulating the perfect plan.

A reader sent an email to our gym last Thursday evening about weight recommendations for complexes. I didn’t check the gym email until Monday morning, and didn’t check my own email all weekend.

This person had emailed the gym, emailed our product fulfillment company and emailed me three times each (that’s nine emails) to see how much weight he should use to do an exercise complex. He even called the gym on Sunday evening.

And he was very upset that no one had got back to them yet as he “really wanted to get started”

Now I’ve repeatedly said that complexes are a metabolic exercise not a strength exercise. But – the article recommended using 6 reps per exercise. So try it with Xlbs – it’s not that complicated.

If it’s too heavy – go lighter. If it’s too light – go heavier. But don’t wait four or five days to get started. It’s like asking me how fast you should run.

This person already had all the knowledge he needs to get to where he wants to go. He just needed to get started. If he’d have started with the completely wrong weight, he’d still have been closer to his goal than he is after taking the weekend off.