I was at a business mastermind meeting recently with one of the LA Clippers Assistant Coaches – Kevin Eastman.
He was dropping knowledge bombs that morning —

I know what I know.
If all I know is what I already know, then I don’t know enough
I need to know what you know

In sports, to be the best, we have to beat the best, at their best.

In life and business, to be the best, we have to get the best, from the best

With that in mind, here are ten questions for you to consider:

1) What do you know this week that you didn’t know last week?

Have you gained more information?

If you haven’t gained more information – then a competitor who did will eventually and unquestionably hurt your business.

2)What was the last book you read or audio course you listened to and what are you implementing?

3)What was the last professional development course you attended (that you invested your own money in, not sent by your employer)?

4) What did you learn?

5) What did you do with that information next?

6) What did you do after that?

7) What do you need to learn and know to do your job better and take things to the next level?

8) Who are the experts, or people you can learn from in those areas?

9) What material do they have available that you can invest in learning ,to accomplish helping you do your job better?

10) What’s your time frame for studying and applying that information?