This book -the Power of Full Engagement was recommended to me by Mike Boyle about ten years ago. It was a great help to me when trying to basically survive the Perform Better seminar circuit and the traveling that goes with it when my energy levels post-transplant just weren’t up to it.

I’ve since recommended the book to several of my friends – it’s that good.

The “big idea” in the book is that we are a society that is constantly trying to manage time — trying to fit more into each day. In reality – this is impossible – the hours of the day are fixed — but the quantity and quality of energy that you put into the hours – are not.

We’re all guilty of trying to manage time and not energy — we’ve all worked through lunch, or stayed up late – or taken the red-eye home from a seminar so that you can get back to work earlier.

The problem is — working through lunch tends to leave you hungry and without energy so productivity decreases. Staying up late might mean you finish the project – but you’re rushing it, and are tired so the quality isn’t as good.

And taking the red-eye? Well – we all know how productive you are the day after one of those trips!

Manage energy – not time.