I was speaking at a seminar in the UK a couple of years ago. It’s a killer three day event. The hosts originally offered a ticket for the whole event for a very reasonable investment.

And then the usual emails started coming in….. Was there a ticket for  just two days, if you can’t make the first day? I have to leave early on Sunday – is there a discount? I want to sleep late on Sunday morning – is there a discount if I miss the first two hours ? (ok the last one was made up….)

I can tell you that personally I’ve paid for a seminar (full price), flown there, stayed in a hotel, because of other commitments arrived late, also had to leave early, and in ONE session, got a 2500% return on my investment from ONE idea….

These people looking for a discount don’t have a financial problem. They see a seminar as an expense – whereas high performers see them as an investment. In other words, they have a MINDSET problem.

And that may lead to financial problems if they don’t fix that…


The Principle of the Slight Edge

There’s an interesting fact about investing a penny, and doubling that investment every day.
So – day one – you have one cent in the bank. Day two – two cents. Day three – four cents. Day four – eight cents etc.

By day 28 – you’ll have over $5 million saved (go ahead – do the math).

The idea is that major change starts with a small investment.

Now obviously it would be pretty difficult to find a bank that would double your money for you every day — but the point is that seemingly  insignificant investments (at the time) can add up to something very significant over time.

Recently I attended an excellent seminar, where I got to learn from James Malinchak and Brian Tracy. It was a four day event which covered a lot of ways to improve my skills as a speaker, and more importantly, it has already improved my business a lot.

I’ve stated earlier that I spend a lot of time travelling and teaching seminars – I did over 26 events in the last year . So why did I spend one of my few free weekends attending an event?

Because I spoke 26 times last year! It’s part of what I do – and along with giving formal presentations – it’s a big part of what most fitness professionals do, yet most don’t think of improving that side of their business. think about it – essentially, when you meet a prospective client or do an initial consult for a team – you are performing a public speaking presentation. It only makes sense to sharpen your skills in that area as well as working on your training skills. Every fitness professional should attend one of these events.

The main reason I attended however, was that I am a big believer in that idea of “Principle of Slight Edge”. Basically the principle states that small changes made over time can add up to big results. Or to put it another way – I only need to learn one thing from a seminar or book in order to gain a slight edge as my return on investment. And that slight edge can add up to huge rewards.

I heard Brian Tracy say that if you read one hour per day you’d be an expert in a couple of years. One hour is not a big investment. But when you add that up over the course of the year – that’s 365 hours. Or nine 40-hour work weeks.

One of the turning points in my career was when I invested one training  session’s worth of income each week into education. In other words I invested in myself. I took the fee from one client, one session per week and consistently invested that into educational books, or CD’s.

That investment amounted to 2 books a week on average. 52 weeks a  year. And I translated the information that I received into action — into more clients, better results, faster progress. After a year the return was so great that I then doubled my investment….

Close to sixteen years since that turning point I still make the decision to continually reinvest a significant portion of my income and time into education. All I need to get is one idea, a reminder of something, a different way of looking at something, or clarity on and it pays dividends. In fact just being in the room at these events with like minded people has me buzzing with energy.

Change your mindset. Get a slight edge.

PS – you can pick up an excellent book on the Slight Edge – HERE