There’s an interesting fact about investing a penny, and doubling that investment every day.
So – day one – you have one cent in the bank. Day two – two cents. Day three – four cents. Day four – eight cents etc.

By day 30 – you’ll have over $5 million saved (go ahead – do the math).

The idea is that major change starts with a small investment.

Now obviously it would be pretty difficult to find a bank that would double your money for you every day — but the point is that seemingly insignificant investments (at the time) can add up to something very significant over time.

Let’s put this another way. What if you improved your diet, and your exercise program by 1% per day…

Actually – let’s go even lower – 0.3% per day. 3 tenths of a percent.

Day two – another 3/10. Day three another — and so on.

At the end of one year – you’d have improved your diet and exercise program by over 100%

All success is – is just a few simple disciplines repeated over time.

Brian Tracy has said that reading one hour per day will make you an expert on the topic of your choice.

One hour is not a big investment. But when you add that up over the course of the year – that’s 365 hours. Or nine 40-hour work weeks.

Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle building or building your personal training business — Small investments compounded over time will add up to big results.