Some things I’m thinking about:

1) There is a big gulf in our profession between trainers who can design workouts and those who can design programs. There’s a big difference between the two and the results you’ll get.

2) The future of resistance training is likely to be asymmetrical and “alive”. Tools like the sandbag, TRX and the power plate are really only now beginning to be integrated into this “aliveness”.

3) “Biometrics” will continue to be an area to explore. We can track heart rate and hrv and are using some real time variables to control metabolic conditioning. We need to be able to do that with strength training.

4) We’ve been able to build a program for strength (based on 1RM) and conditioning (based on VO2 max) but weren’t able to build a structured program around movement until the advent of the FMS. The key will be to integrate all of them.