One year ago today – March 3rd 2013 – where were you in regards to your goals? And where are you now? How big is the difference?

If your goal included fat loss over the last year — how much fat did you lose?

If your goal was a strength increase — what lifts did you improve? And by how much?

If your goal was muscle increase — how many pounds of muscle did you gain?

If your goal was to improve your business and make more money — what is the difference in your bank balance?

Be honest.
Did you achieve what you set out to do?

Did you get lean — or did you spend too long looking for the perfect program?

Did you gain muscle — or did you spend more time discussing what to do on an internet message board than you did training?

Did you gain strength — or did you jump from program to program searching for something magical?

In other words – as Dan John has said: “What are your goals? What are your behaviors? Do your behaviors match your goals?”

Regardless – what happened in the last year doesn’t matter – it’s done. Just be aware of how effective your behaviors were in reaching your goals.

The question is — what will the rest of the year hold for you? Will this next year be different?