These were questions that were sent to me for a magazine article a year or so ago that I don’t think ever made it to print.

What was your first ever job?

My first ever job was delivering a free newspaper called the Lothian World door to door in Scotland. I was paid 1p per paper delivered and delivered 374 of them each Tuesday. I got paid extra if there were flyers inserted in the newspapers.
My second job was working in a supermarket in Livingston, Scotland stacking shelves. I think my third ever job was teaching Taekwon-do at 14 years old. Everything since then has been fitness related.

What motivates you?

Changing the way fitness is done. It’s no surprise to anyone that fitness trainers and our profession as a whole isn’t as respected as other professional areas. I want to reinvent and revolutionize our field.

“I wanna do something that matters, say something different
Something that sets the whole world on its ear
I wanna do something better with the time I’ve been given
And I wanna try to touch a few hearts in this life
And leave nothing less than something that says “I was here”
– Lady Antebellum

That about sums it up 🙂

Whom do you admire personally and professionally?

I’ve talked at length about my Taekwon-do instructor Derek Campbell here before. Selflessly with no thought of payback or what was in it for him – he taught me for free and changed the direction of my life. He’s also the greatest sports coaching mind I’ve ever met. I wish he’d write a book as some of the lessons he taught me have stuck with me forever. My thirst for reading came from him telling me that I could learn anything that anyone has ever learned if I just read books  – everything that has ever been discovered about any topic is already out there just waiting for you to read. An amazing person. He epitomizes everything I’ve tried to be personally and professionally.

My professional role models are Michael Boyle and Mark Verstegen. Results Fitness is modeled after MBSC and Athletes Performance and both those guys are great examples of leaders.

Who or what inspires you in life?

I’ve always had great support from my family and friends. My mum instilled in me a lot of the values I have. It was my dad though, that encouraged me to move to the US (maybe he just wanted to get rid of me….) and might be the biggest factor in my personal drive to improve everything around me.

My friend Julia Cross from Scotland is an inspiration. She started in humble beginnings and went on to win six ITF Taekwon-do world titles. She’s the most successful TKD competitor, male or female of all time. That’s an amazing achievement and I don’t think most people reading this will comprehend how truly amazing that is.

I’m also hugely impacted by reading books that enterpreneurs have written. Richard Branson, Duncan Bannatyne, Steve Jobs, Alan Sugar have all inspired and directed me over the past year through their books.

More recently my friend and co-presenter on the Perform Better, Todd Durkin tour posted on his website “be the most positive person you know”. That one resonated strongly with me. We all want to swim in positive environments and avoid negativity, but we never stop to think that it has to start with you. Being the most positive person you know is something to strive for.

How does a typical day in your life look?

I can’t think the last time I had a typical day. If I’m not traveling I usually wake up around 7 (as my cat wants her breakfast) and steal the last of the coffee that Rach has made (she’s up before me). The first hour of the day is spent reading something inspirational (outside if the weather is nice) and then I’ll try to catch up on some sports news (usually Sky Sports News).
Depending on the day, I’ll do some facebook speed coaching for my followers. I like doing those sessions, and wish I could do more.

Around 9am if the weather is good I go for a walk. This originally started as my exercise program when I got out of the hospital, but at this point it’s become my “idea” hour. I’ll listed to educational downloads here, or music or satellite radio, but there is some combination of the walk, the sun and the downtime that has my brain firing on all cylinders by the time I get back. Some of my best business ideas come from those walks.

10am it’s workout time. 2-3 times per week I’ll go to Results Fitness and usually there are another 2-3 sessions I’ll do at home.
Most of the rest of the day is divided between meetings with my team, coaching calls or consultations with our Results Fitness coaching group and researching material for articles, seminars or staff training.

I’ll try to get another hours’ reading done before dinner and ideally the evening is spent relaxing, – maybe going for a swim or some TV.

How do you relax?

It’s interesting that because I travel so much I like nothing better than just staying at home. I really enjoy the Southern California weather, so just sitting outside reading or taking a swim really helps me disconnect and re-energize.

I also enjoy watching football (soccer) and boxing. I get excited when there are a couple of good games on over a weekend and maybe a big fight too. Football on Saturday morning, a fight on Saturday evening, football again on Sunday morning and then the NFL games makes for a fun weekend.

I also really like going to the movies. I love the whole experience and would go every week if there was a decent movie to watch. As it is, with my current travel schedule and the lack of good films, most of my movie watching is inflight entertainment 🙂

Unplugging and disconnecting, especially in today’s world can be a challenge, but you’re always more productive and re-energized when you do. Go at least half a day a week without your cell phone, or checking email or facebook. You’ll be ok…..