I read once that the average doctor are so busy that the “half-life” of their education is around ten years. In other words – ten years after graduation, they only remember half of the information they knew at graduation – and are essentially only half as “qualified”. Part of that is just forgetting or not reviewing material, part of that is not knowing it in the first place, and part of that is that the field changes constantly and if they are very busy – the just can’t keep current.

We’re in the same position. You come back from a seminar and you put your notes away, and suddenly it’s been three months and you haven’t even picked them up again.

As far as re-reading – I think it makes sense to review old books and DVD’s at least once a year. Make notes in them the first time and you can at the very least review your notes.

It’s actually shocking how much stuff that you miss the first time around. (One of my personal goals this year is to re-read one book I already own, for every new book I buy).

But the real key is – are you sharpening your own tools and attending seminars and reading books? Do you have a business coach who helps you with the vision and implementation of your business ( this is something a lot of people are lacking)? Are you involved in a coaching group or mastermind?

Are you retaining information and growing – or are you forgetting? It’s a constant flux – either more material is getting in and you’re growing, or no more material is getting in, and you’re shrinking.

You need to mastermind those who attract wealth, not those who attract poverty.

Statistically, your income will become the average of that of the 5 people you hang around the most.

The definition of “mastermind” from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is “an alliance of 2 or more mind that create a friendly environment to gather , classify and organize new information for fast and effective implementation. You can’t do it by yourself.

7 benefits you get from Masterminding:

1. Brainstorming with likeminded thinkers and achievers.
2. Being listened to and helped.
3. Being motivated and challenged.
4. You’re accepted.
5. You’re recognized for your achievements.
6. You have a safe environment to share information.
7. Fresh eyes and objectivity.

It’s a good rule to review material you already have regularly as well as study new material and be involved in a coaching group or mastermind.